Magic Is Afoot

“Magic is afoot.” -As declared by the appearance of ravens


Aloft vs. Grounded

I like to ground most of my writing as close to “reality” as I can without ignoring the spiritual realities as well. In fact, even when I have done so, I have faced criticism for sounding crazy. The piece I wrote on “Hypnogogia” is the prime example of this. The funny thing is that hypnogogia is a scientifically documented phenomena and is not remotely representative of my more esoteric thoughts. This piece I am writing today will be far “crazier” than my other pieces.

It has been a whirlwind year for me personally and, over the course of the past week, the whirlwind has really picked up momentum. Revelation is upon us. Last friday, during the witching hour on the shores of Lake Superior beneath the midnight sky, my closest friend and I had a deep discussion about personal changes each of us was going through and how those changes both ran parallel to and intersected. He and I both turned 40 this year, 45 days apart, and we agree that is a great deal of transformation building for us that is the clear result of the previous 40 years of experience. The interesting thing is that both he and I received text messages the next day from separate individuals indicating that there was an energy shift in the air. Neither person was aware of the conversation we had had. A strong theme throughout the conversation was that we begin embracing those parts of ourselves that we have been denying for the first 40 years.

What then have I denied in myself for 40 years that I needed to embrace. The first thing would be what psychology terms “magical thinking.” Per its wikipedia page “Magical thinking is the attribution of causal or synchronistic relationships between actions and events which seemingly cannot be justified by reason and observation.” As I read over the rest of the description it seems to imply that those who engage in magical thinking believe that their thoughts alone cause outcomes in the world. This actually is not fully the case with myself. However anyone who has seen “The Secret” would see that the Law of Attraction is actually a form of magical thinking and no one would suggest any of the successful businesspersons using it are crazy. Let’s examine this from another perspective though — “mind over matter.”


Embracing Truth

In a HuffPo post dated 2009 studies are cited showing the causal link between creative visualization and enhanced sports performance. I have always been an advocate for creative visualization and have used it, on and off, in my own endeavors throughout my life. In 2011 I used it effectively for job promotion. I had envisioned that I would receive exactly the promotion I wanted by October of that year. That happened. While ultimately it did not last I attribute it not lasting to the fact that I was not truly where I wanted to be in life. Yet it was a powerful lesson in the power of creative visualization for me to have achieved that goal. In fact even my son noticed it at age 11. He and I were out walking one day and he expressed to me the desire to exercise mind over matter. Seven years later he’s in the college he wanted to attend with a friend unlike any he has had before accomplishing his dreams in ways I did not at his age.

Currently on Facebook there is a status going around where you post pictures of three fictional characters that represent you. At first I had difficulty thinking of appropriate characters. I have a lot of favorites who all reflect some aspect of myself. I narrowed it down as follows:


Merlin (as pictured in the 1982 movie Excalibur) – Represents the aspect of mind and my esoteric interests and pursuits. My closest friend and I have long held conversations about our synchronicities with Arthurian myth. While he very clearly represents Arthur I have long felt closer to Merlin as advisor and sage rather than knight and king.


Thor (the norse deity and not necessarily the Marvel superhero) – Represents the aspect of body, my norse heritage, and affinity with lightning and strength. The realization hit me of my affiliation with Thor in 2010 when reading the Wheel of Time series. In one of the last three books the character of Perrin begins forging a mythical hammer. It was then that I realized how closely I was reflected in Perrin and how Perrin was Robert Jordan’s modern reinterpretation of Thor. It’s kind of funny too because when I am at the gym lifting I always use creative visualization to imagine Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in place of my dumbbells.


Artemis (greek goddess) – Represents the aspect of spirit and my devotion to the sacred feminine. Artemis is a goddess representing virginity, the hunt, the moon, and nature. Born under the sign of Virgo I am already astrologically tied to the “virgin” aspect of the sacred feminine. Throughout all my years my favorite time has always been at night beneath the light of the moon out in the woods. In fact it was under such conditions in which I communed with the sacred feminine two years ago.

Esoteric Synchronicity

The other day I started playing around with gematria (a kabbalistic approach to numerology) and came up with some surprising synchronistic results that have only reinforced where I am currently at. As an interesting note a lot of cynics will suggest numerology can’t possibly be accurate considering not every culture uses the same calendar. Fortunately there is a Hebrew calendar out there with date conversions and names can be translated to Hebrew on google. So it was interesting to find out the gematria for my name and date of birth as well as those of a couple of friends.

Strengthen the Body

In a more “materialistic” way I have really begun to embrace my interest in being physical. I’ve always had an interest in weight lifting but started and stopped regularly most likely due to my inability to accept that I actually enjoyed it. Yet now I’ve been very consistent on my ketogenic diet and gym routine and have even added running to my list of training endeavors. Right now I wouldn’t say running is a hobby. I need to build up endurance to run longer distance, but once I do I can see how it will grow into a hobby. Already I love practicing running and the 30 minutes I’m doing it flies by. I must say

This recent embracing of myself has led to some rapid energetic changes since last weekend. My time in the gym has become more relevant. I even began a “Couch to 5k” running program in order to begin enjoying running. The program has really made running enjoyable for me. My weight is dropping faster than ever and I am increasing strength despite losing fat. On a metaphysical level many synchronicities have begun popping up between myself and the people I am spiritually closest to.

I am certain that I could go on and I am certain the next three months will unveil newer revelations. I am looking forward to each and every one of them. Now is the time to make things happen.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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11 Responses to Magic Is Afoot

  1. Tiffany says:

    Yes, magic is afoot! Love the syncs and I can relate to the magical thinking.
    Physicists have quantum theory to show how the observer changes the observed, yet most of us turn a blind eye to the innate powers we have to affect our lives by how we view the world, simply by becoming masters of our inner world.

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  2. Indeed, magic is afoot! I posted a blog entry about 10 days ago referring to the shift as I experienced it, and every day since has brought more evidence of it. ‘Tis an exciting time to be alive!

    And kudos on celebrating your self these days, and “owning” what makes you happy! 😀

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  3. Faye says:

    Very interesting blog. I am probably old enough to be the mother of everyone writing here. Lots of life experience…….lots of unusual and special things and events. I love your pursuit of ‘magic’ and the joy often of wanting to capture what is ‘of the other world – out there). Personally I believe in ‘miracles’….I have seen, experienced and hope for more in my lifetime. These are not ‘natural events but certainly come from a ‘Higher Dimension’ than this life offers. Simply saying…… never close you life and your minds to the truly ‘miraculous’… magic no witchcraft. Greetings to all!


    • I don’t practice witchcraft. The miraculous and magic are really just synonymous with one another. Both words represent that unseen energy that exists all around us. I experience miracles everyday. And that is magical to me.


  4. wwwpalfitness says:

    I did a whole post on Excalibur, the unknown and would be Oscar and well known stars a year ago. It was a good film for that era.


  5. dawgtrainer says:

    Great read sir. “Magic is afoot”. Nice title and picture of the ravens on Thor’s hammer Mjolnir btw. I enjoy some Gematria and Numerology too. Reflecting back on your life at the age of forty is a very spiritual thing. The Bible has many, many 40’s in it. It rained for 40 days/nights. Noah waited 40 days to open a window in the Ark. Moses was on the mountain with God for 40 days. Plus a ton more. “Dark magic=40”.

    “Artemis=40”. I see why the close connection with the Greek Goddess. “Virgin Goddess=71”. “Merlin=71”. When you write out “Seventy one=144”. You mentioned a “Norse heritage=144”. Maybe a hidden message from the Matrix.

    In Jewish Gematia “Forty”=636. God Almight=636.

    Magical Thinking=444.

    TheKing/Jesus/Lucifer/Muhammad/Messiah/Cross/Joshua/Jewish/Masonic/Gematria each phase equals 444. No doubt that their is some power and hidden meaning behind this “Magical Thinking” phrase. You see in the King method, Jewish Gematria, the hidden evil, darker meaning of the phrase. Magical Thinking=294.
    Satanic Magic/Hell Descends/The Black Magic One/ each equals 294.

    In Reduced Gematria “Forty”=84. Just like Savior/Sunday/Jesuit/Seal of God/Charity. Funny thing, when you write “Five Five”=84. “Magic is afoot”=55.

    Magic is afoot. In more ways than we know.

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  6. I love this! Thanks.

    Yeah I’m looking into gematria all the time.


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