Novella Part Two Started

I’m proud to announce that I’ve started up on part two of my novella. The novella will be semi-autobiographical and will be part of a trilogy of novellas to be published together as an anthology.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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One Response to Novella Part Two Started

  1. Faye says:

    Terrific news!. Hope to keep in the loop as this progresses. (Personally I’m endeavouring to write a sequel to my fiction novel based on the history of my town. Many are passionate about the 150 years since gold was discovered and hope I can bring the story up to 2015. WOW! unsure about ability but it is evolving… be sensitive but have historical truth and travel though two world wars…quite an extensive journey. I seriously doubt my ability). My hope for you is that what you have started will bring you both encouragement and rich writing joy. Cheers!


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