Being True — Body (Diet)

In “Becoming True” I outlined changes I was making in my own life to become the better man I was always meant to be. For nearly 39 years I was out of balance in regards to my strength in body, mind, and spirit. Any time that I had focused on one the others would either be excluded or underdeveloped. In this series my aim is to detail how I am individually being True to myself in regards to body (diet), body (exercise), mind, and spirit.

In other works I have mentioned the early passing of my biological father in November 2013 and my step-dad in December of 2015. My father was only 60 years old, which in today’s standards “60 is the new 40.” My step-dad was 67. Neither of these men, who had in completely separate ways come to define who I am, lived healthy lives. Physically they both ate very poorly, rarely exercised, and generally did not engage in positive self-care. It was devastating to lose them both and their loss caused me to reevaluate how close I was to living the exact same lifestyle they did. Something had to change.


By chance I had come across “bulletproof coffee.” I loved the concept of it and quickly started researching more of the bulletproof diet. After years of going back and forth between junk food and struggling to find easy meals that would get me the right proportions of macros (protein, fat, carbohydrates) while still avoiding overeating, I had finally found a template for how I wanted to eat. It seemed simple. Nothing complicated. Essentially I was removing all processed foods, most dairy, and all sugar from my diet. At the same time I found it very important for myself to make meals that could be done in very little time without purchasing a wild number of ingredients. Ultimately my day began looking like the following:

  • Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee
    •  Coffee
    • Grass-fed Butter
    • MCT Oil
    • Evolv shake
  • Snack: Evolv Lifebar
  • Lunch: Meat & Salad
    • Either grass-fed beef, bison, or pot roast
    • Salad
      • Spinach
      • Cucumber
      • Celery
      • Avocado
    • Dressing (homemade with dijon, apple-cider vinegar, and Extra virgin olive oil)
  • Snack: Celery and Coconut Peanut Butter
  • Supper: Eggs and Veggies
    • Eggs scrambled in coconut oil (spiced with cumin, red pepper, and cayenne pepper)
      • Includes diced Red Pepper, Onion, and Garlic
    • Broccoli and/or Asparagus on the side.


On this diet I absolutely feel fantastic and have more energy than ever before. Any time I feel like I am starving I can just eat more veggies and fat. Nuts are definitely an option but I’ve been avoiding them thus far. The diet also includes a “refeed” day where I get some additional carbohydrates. During these refeed days I’ll bake sweet potato chips with coconut oil and gray salt. This is such a fantastic snack and tastes like candy. During refeed day I could also eat some fruits but it is best to keep it to just berries.

In eating this way I have no urges for energy drinks. In fact I have more energy than when I was on energy drinks even two or three times a day. Eliminating the sugar from ice cream and other gross materials in cardboard pizza allowed inflammation within the brain to decrease thus allowing me to remove myself safely from my med regimine. While I have played off and on over the years with removing myself from meds I strongly encourage others to work with their doctors towards weaning off of meds. Serious side effects may occur from quickly withdrawing in the way that I did.


Now that I have embraced this eating lifestyle as my own I am no longer concerned about numbers on the scale. In fact looking at the scale does two things: the first is that it creates stress and elevates cortisol levels and the second is that looking at the scale means I am changing my diet for the weight and not because it’s the right thing for me. Both paths lead to self-fulfilling failure.

In conclusion I can only outline for my readers what I am currently doing. What I am currently doing is a reflection of my Will and my spirit. For some readers they may feel a strong pull towards eating like a bodybuilder, going paleo, or living a vegan lifestyle. It is not my place to review nor criticize those diets. I am proud of myself for coming to this on my own and would hope that my readers do the same for themselves.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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  1. I am doing the same and also lost my dad at 62 due to diabetes. One step and healthy choice at a time! Great Blog!

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