Unicursal Hexagram

This piece was inspired by a random chance meeting last night. There were some very interesting synchronicities there that I have not yet mentioned to the person who inspired this. What is additionally interesting is that this piece began as a much shorter piece, in theory, and wound up being a spell of sorts. I’ll expand on that privately if needed.

By SIX I draw this line unicursal
Representing the law universal
Will defines our Love as Law
As we walk down this road to awe
Along the way I pick up my sword
Wisdom deep in the written Word
And though I’m burdened by the cross
The Lovers’ Light guides through loss
I Will ever seek peace and harmony
Through it find my own Victory
Even within that buried treasure
Rests the secret to eternal Pleasure
With the tool of Science I reveal
We have within the strength to heal
Now we have Success at last
In moving forward I let go of the past

By FIVE the petaled Rose appears
The Divine Feminine is very near
And by her fragrance I know love
This pale beauty and sacred dove
To the cross my wrists are nailed
Redemption for those I have failed
In this my heart is always reminded
The Hierophant is a man divided
Though the world has given in to Strife
The symbol reminds us to think on life
Disappointment has us feeling drowned
Beneath feet we are supported by ground
Depth of Worry has made mankind ill
Destroying land ancestors would till
We feel as though we’re close to Defeat
Yet we can rise up off of our feet.

By ELEVEN comes the final stroke
The fading from which the Light awoke
It is now I against the World
Whose fury, soon, shall be unfurled
Let this now be the sacred psalm
Receive ye this gift within my palm
With humility I surrender to the Will
Receiving Justice like a bitter pill
The energy transcends the revolution
Catalyzing the eternal evolution
Just like the soldier called to War
It is not the glory which I adore
And for every Demon fought
Another angelic lesson taught
With Understanding and Wisdom found
The Abyss of the unknown is much more sound.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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7 Responses to Unicursal Hexagram

  1. Beautiful words, powerful images.

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  2. This pulls a lot of pieces together into one & very nicely woven. Excited to hear of your inspiration!

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  3. Singledust says:

    It’s like reading the wisdom from a soul that has traveled through a landscape of emotions.

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