0. The Fool

Here I am at the beginning
Naive of what is to come.
Look at the risks I am taking
Free spirit I am to some.

My journey now has just begun
The Sun rises behind me
On my heels I’ve always spun
In recklessness I’ve found glee

There is much I have to learn
To live a life most full
For all life’s Will I yearn
Surrendered to cosmic pull.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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3 Responses to 0. The Fool

  1. Geetalima says:

    Thanks fr this..:) I needed to read this right now….

    Maybe it’s my Box of Tarot that pushed me to find this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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