My Shame

I am no more myth than man
Though grandeur I embrace
I let go my goddess’ hand
And fell from eternal grace
I shook off all the mud and dust
Which then fell upon her
I did all that I thought I must
From anger I did offer
I failed in dark to see her light
And the mirror I did shatter
I could not set things aright
Though she was all that mattered
I cast aside my bitter shell
But I fear I was too late
I dwelled within my secret hell
She had all reason to hate
I had made to the public known
what in private should have been
I find my shame has little shown
Nothing more than my deep sin
I do not wish to turn back time
For nothing we would learn
I know that I was out of line
Yet for her grace I yearn
I see now how alone is she
And I am no salvation
I find myself unworthy
Except for my damnation

She is so much more than I
Through faith she has grown humble
She has every reason to ask why
This man would let her fumble
She laid alone encased in mud
And the pain that was within her
She paid the price with her blood
And now she was dishonored
She could feel her light going dim
Reflection gone forever
She couldn’t believe this was him
The bond had seemed to sever
She listened to his renewed word
There dwelt only confusion
She gave a thought to all she heard
And questioned if delusion
She dwelled within her secret hell
Had all the reason to hate him
She felt she would never be well
In this ocean she could not swim
She would not dwell in the past
The only motion forward
She longed for happiness to last
But question what it was toward
She sees now how she can heal
And support for her is known
She can embrace all that she feels
In that fertile soil she’s grown


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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