Will, Truth, Work

There exists a symbiotic relationship between the Will, the Truth, and the Work. Just as body, mind, and spirit are linked so too are these aspects. In fact each of these aspects corresponds to the other. The Work represents the Body and is the active expression of purpose. The Truth represents the Mind and is the present gnosis of purpose. The Will represents the Spirit and is the guiding hand of purpose. Like pillars of a foundation when even one aspect is out of balance the whole system may falter.

The Will, as a manifestation of Spirit, exists within and around everything. For simplicity’s sake imagine a rock roughly of a size able to fit in the palm of your hand. This rock’s purpose is to be thrown. The Will is your hand upon the rock guiding it to its destination. While soaring through the air the rock has many obstacles it must face including wind size, direction, and sudden gusts. Our lives are very much like that of the rock. Unaware of our purpose we are content to just lay where we are. The difference is that we have a choice on producing cause and effect. By doing so we encounter the Will more often than the rock does. Also, unlike the rock, we create for ourselves additional obstacles beyond just the changes in the wind. We think, we perceive, we make assumptions, we judge ourselves and others, and worst of all we lie to ourselves and each other. When we still and bring silence to these obstacles the Will speaks very clearly to the direction we should travel. It is only when we doubt ourselves that we begin to doubt the guiding hand of the Will.

Try this activity. Abandon assumption. Without thinking pick up the nearest book. Open it to a random page. Continue to “not think” and read any passage of the book. More often than not the passage will apply to you in that present moment. Doubt will manifest itself through responses like, “I picked up a cookbook and read ‘1 Cup Flour'” or “I picked up a magazine and read ‘Kardashians have big butts.'”

The Truth, as a manifestation of the Mind, simply IS and is undeniable. When we consider the rock from our previous example we have several Truths that manifest. It is a rock. The rock is composed of minerals. The rock is picked up. The rock is thrown. The rock is moved dependent on wind speed and direction. The rock lands. Truth. Undeniable. Again our starting state is like that of the rock. However we move away from the rock by introducing assumption, thought, perception, and judgement. These obstacles produce harmful detriments to the the Truth. In some cases we begin defining the lie above and beyond the recognition of the truth. For example you fear that someone close to you will hurt if he or she is fully aware of the Truth. You say nothing. The act of saying nothing produces guilt that you now define by the lie. The lie is defined by the absence of the Truth. The fact of the matter is that the Truth simply is. No amount of reinterpretation can change the Truth. The Truth may be that two lovers disagree on a topic and are currently engaged in an argument. The first party in the argument believes the truth to be that the second never listens. The first party cites all sorts of evidence compiled for when this argument would occur. The second party recognizes the evidence but sees evidence of misperceiving the facts. The second party continues the argument contending that the truth is the misperception. Afterwards, when ample time has separated both parties from the argument, they both acknowledge their parts in initiating and escalating the argument. Whose truth was correct? Who was lying? I contend that neither truth was correct and both were correct. The Truth is that an event occured, both parties perceived the event in two separate ways, feelings for both parties became influenced by perceptions, and actions were taken based upon feelings. This does not invalidate either party’s truth, but rather it sets it apart from the Truth. Furthermore this does not invalidate any pain felt. What it does do, however, is it forces us to recognize additional Truth before proceeding.

In the case of the argument we can definitely feel hurt. The truth in that moment is that the hurt exists and is real. However it is not Truth that the other person inflicted it. In Truth most pain inflicted is upon ourselves. When that happens it is easy to project that pain onto others. But it is ultimately self defeating to do so. Instead one must recognize what has transpired and attempt to seek out Truth before continuing further.

Truth is best found through Will. When one quiets and stills the doubts in his mind he hears the Will. He is then guided to the Truth and chooses to either accept it or ignore it. If he ignores it then his truth is fallible. If he accepts it than it is unfallible and it is Truth.

Examine the following statements:
“To be honest, I’m fine.”
“To be honest, my mental health issues get the best of me.”
“I have moments where I slip from my purpose.”

The first statement is a lie used to keep others from feeling down. By ignoring the Truth in the situation one is avoiding the guiding of the Will towards one’s purpose. The second statement is the truth, but it is colored by perceptions, assumptions, and judgements that ultimately restrict one from her true purpose. Occasionally these become excuses and thus further create moments of dis-ease. The third statement is Truth and identifies that there are occasionally obstacles that get in the way of pursuing purpose and portrays the person as currently being in pursuit of her purpose. In order to find the Truth continue to breathe, find your center, and when things are still and quiet listen to the voice that remains.

The Work, as a manifestation of the Body, is often the most visible expression of purpose. The rock’s purpose is easy. At the point when it is found on the beach its purpose is to sit. When your Will is exerted upon it its purpose is to be picked up. When you launch it through the air its purpose is to fly. The Work is the action we take in pursuit of our purpose. Once in a while the action that is called for is non-action. Any time that we question what action our Work must take we must quiet and still our minds, listen to the Will, observe and recognize the Truth, and receive the given action as part of the Work.

Just as mind, body, and spirit are intertwined just as are the Will, the Truth, and the Work. Through the process of quieting the mind we are able to listen to the Will. The Will guides us to the Truth of every given situation. By observing the Truth we are better able to determine which actions to take in accordance with our Work. Conversely when we make assumptions about the Will, the Truth, or the Work we fall out of sync with our true purpose. We can become depressed, anxious, morose, or even suicidal and homicidal. Imagine for a moment the cause and effect motions created by assuming truth. Dissonance is created that interferes with the ability to listen to the Will. Through that lack of gnosis provided by Truth and Will you begin taking actions that oppose your Work. In this way you have disconnected yourself from both your nature and your purpose.

Thus it seems clear, that in moments of spiritual crisis, we must silence ourselves and listen. Listen to the Will. Observe the Truth, then take action according to your Work. This is where happiness exists.


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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