The Last Love

This poem was written August 26, 2015 when I was last in the hospital. It was written for Her, my muse and inspiration.

The last touch of your hand
Love radiating through warmth
Spread like wildfire to my heart
Remembrance of eternal bond

The last smile on your face
Heart glowing and glimmering
Shed light throughout the umbra
Confident of immortal love

The last word from your lips
Compassion pouring forth
Filled to overflowing
Resting with your lasting gift

The last breath of your breath
Life emanating through fiery air
Quickened beats of one heart
Growth from blossoming souls

The last of your senses
Never a burden for me
For every gift of your last
Was given in your first


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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    Reblogging my own piece to remember the good.


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