Strength of the Warrior

I sit here at a public computer at the martial arts studio I go to and I’m thinking about the concept of strength. Strength comes in many forms. In each of those forms how is it expressed? Do we keep that strength to ourselves? Or do we share it with our loved ones; the friends and family who form our support system?

Physical strength can impact our families in many ways depending upon our expression of it. Bullies beat others like criminal thugs. They gain nothing from doing so, but misery that expresses itself in unending cycle. Warriors, true warriors, use their strength to help others build. In a purely physical sense they can lift, carry, and support loved ones when it feels like we can’t support ourselves. When our loved ones are bullied we can step in to shield, protect, and defend. It is our honor to do so and, unlike the bully, we gain so much from doing so.

Mental strength acts very much like physical strength. It can be used to put others down in an expression of inflated ego or it can be used to bring gnosis to our families. What have I observed in the world? How can I share my observations with those I love so deeply? This is why the warrior thinks. He exercises variations on stratagems until the execution of his plan becomes perfection itself! What impact does that have? There lies the potential for true revolution within our communities. We deliver to it the very strategies to break free of the bonds holding us enslaved to a broken system.

Spiritual strength carries the very essence of both physical and mental strength. It is the shield that guards our hearts while at the same time remaining so open and vulnerable that others not only see the true you, but they embrace the true you. Often spiritual strength is equated with the word “faith.” We can have faith without having to adhere to a particular belief systems. I have faith in the knowledge that the world can be a better place. I have faith in the fact that my love can be expressed truthfully in every moment. I have faith that what brings us together will always be stronger than what divides us. Faith is the very foundation upon which all three forms of strength are built.

Find your strength. When you do, I want you to live it! It is there. It starts within. Once you have coaxed it a bit you’ll begin to see its expression in the world around you. It’s there. Just grab it!


About ninefolddragon

I am a self-proclaimed writer, spiritualist, and warrior. My primary writings are poetry and essays that evoke elemental visualization and are written in honor of the sacred feminine.
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    This article I wrote last June serves as a great introduction to the next piece I’m writing.


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    Interesting thoughts on different strengths.

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    Wow! Very empowering and I am anxiously awaiting the next posting!

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